Monday, 3 November 2014


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Investment in a child�s initial stages of development is a long term venture into human capital and a formidable source of labor for the future generations. Given Uganda�s high poverty levels, child brain development is usually affected by their experiences in circumstances of extreme poverty,chronic hunger, neglect, repeated abuse and lack.

Such experiences leave the children prone to various retardation challenges that affect their performance at a later stage when they are supposed to contribute to national development.
The government has embarked on various interventions to foster child growth mainly focusing on ensuring health pregnancies, proper nutrition, immunization and growth monitoring.

However the minister of finance hon. Maria Kiwanuka says health child development should be everyone�s concern because government efforts alone are not enough.
The Executive Director PSFU Gideon Badagawa says despite several efforts to support social transformation through corporate social re responsibilities,there is still more that needs to be done to influence future development.

Private sector foundation has partnered with Bernard Van Leer Foundation in a child care project rolled out in the three districts of Apac, Nakapiripiti,Kumi to improve child well fare. 

By Thembo Joshua

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