Monday, 3 November 2014

Keep An Orphane In school

Provide 225 girls with sustainable menstrual kits that provide effective sanitary hygiene

Eight years ago, orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) in a slum community in Lubowa, Kampala, and Gadumire a rural sub-county in Kaliro district had a chance to be enrolled in primary school. Through THETA, 1094 children are currently supported by SIDECOLE a Geneva based charity. 225 girls have reached of age when they experience menstruation.
According to a mini-survey conducted by THETA in July 2014, 87.6% of these girls do not have the ability to pay for their menstrual sanitary pads and thus miss classes during the days.  They also keep way from the public when they have a flow to avoid embarrassment. According to Afripads girls miss up to 20% of a school year due to menstruation. By the end of primary school, this can equate to a whole year of school missed.
Their hygiene practices during this period was rated as poor. This predisposes these young adolescent girls to diseases such as urinary tract infections; and affects their social and emotional well-being

Our solution
In order to keep the 225 girls in school, we propose that we provide the girls with sustainable menstrual kits that provide effective, comfortable sanitary hygiene that are environment-friendly and could be used for up to 12 menstrual cycles. We shall partner with Afripads which apparently produces these Kits in Uganda.
We shall also provide training of school teachers in the proper use of the menstrual kits; and health education on hygiene practices during menstruation. These will later teach the students.

What We Need & What You Get
This intervention requires:
-  Purchase of 225 kits menstrual kits at  15,500Ugx each totaling to 3,487,500Ugx $ 1395
-  Transport charges to distribute the pads to the 4 schools totaling to 750,000Ugx - $ 300
-  TOT Training for 4 THETA staff costing 1,291,800Ugx - $ 516
-  Two days training the school teachers on menstrual management and use of the kits 3,756,400Ugx - $ 1502
-  Other administration costs (Staff stipend) 50,000Ugx - $ 20

What we already have
-  TOT training for 5 staff costing 1,291,800Ugx - $ 516
-  Technical persons to oversee program implementation
Our funding gap
-  8043900Ugx - $ 3217

The Impact
This simple intervention will:
-  Enable the girl-child enjoy their right to education, health; and safe and clean environment
-  Enable 225 girls to complete primary education 

Other Ways You Can Help
How to donate
Cash, Cheque, EFT transfers and deposits can be made to:
A/C No: 0341419824
Barclays Bank Uganda
Kampala road Branch

Mobile Money transfers can also sent to:
Airtel/Warid: 0757235777
MTN: 0783650100
Please indicate reason for sending as “PADS”

You can also deliver cash to THETA Finance offices on address below;
Plot 724/725 Mawanda Road Kamwokya Kampala
P.o. box 21175 Kampala Uganda
If in Kampala, and you are unable to use any of the above donation strategies please feel free to call THETA office on +256414532930

What you could also do for us
Please help us spread the word in reaching this goal: post, like, share, e-mail, send, tweet,

How to reach us
Contact Person
Program Asistant  - THETA Uganda
Plot 724/725 Mawanda Road Kamwokya
P.o. box 21175 Kampala Uganda

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